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The 2-in-1 Transforming Tractor is a smart toy in more ways than one. It is a dump truck with a rear tipper that rests on a pair of hydraulic jacks. Pick up the tipper and attach it to the other side and your truck turns into a tractor pulling a trailer. The jacks are now vertical exhaust pipes and the rear wheels have become the front wheels. It’s still the same toy, but it can be totally transformed in seconds! So whether your little ones want farm fun or are crazy about construction, this colorful free-wheeling friend is ready for both jobs. Along with it comes a happy chicken driver that squeaks when you press down. Hide it inside the shell or put it behind the wheel with the other half behind. Babies up to 12 months will love the funny faces, bright colors and push-along play. Then, as they grow and develop new motor skills, they’ll discover more and more ways to play: mixing and matching Pieces, moving from truck to tractor, and adding to their collection of original Hide & Squeak® eggs. Like other vehicles in the range, they all come with universal coupling at the rear and front for even more fun. No batteries required. Suitable for children aged 12 to 36 months. Just like magic: the transportable truck turns into a tractor – the tipper lifts up and turns into a trailer; Weird and Naughty: The squeaky egg character and color-matching shell go in the driver’s seat and back; Explore further: develops motor skills, logic and problem solving. The fun grows with your child. Hook and carry: Available in two different color combinations. Vehicles snap together with other compatible Hide & Squeak® toys (sold separately). For boys and girls: suitable for 12-36 months. No batteries required.

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