Sky-Inkjet Cartridge-LEXMARK-L50-B-15.5ml-NEW



For: Lexmark Printers

Compatible Printers: Compaq IJ600, Compaq Smartjet C20, Lexmark JP3100, Lexmark P3100, Lexmark P3120, Lexmark P3140, Lexmark P3150, Lexmark P700, Lexmark P700 Photo, Lexmark P703, Lexmark P704, Lexmark P704 Photo, Lexmark P705, Lexmark P706, Lexmark P707, Lexmark P708, Lexmark Z12, Lexmark Z22, Lexmark Z32, Lexmark Z700, Lexmark Z703, Lexmark Z705, Lexmark Z706, Lexmark Z708, Lexmark Z710, Lexmark Z715

Color: Black

Number of pages: 410

Model: Lexmark 17G0050 – 100% NEW

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Weight 15,5 kg


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