Sky-Inkjet Cartridge-HP-26A-B-40ml-NEW



For: HP Printers

Compatible Printers: HP 200 Fax, HP 300 Fax, HP 310 Fax, HP 700 Fax, HP 750 Fax, HP 900 Fax, HP 950 Fax, HP Apollo P1200, HP Apollo P1220, HP DesignJet 200, HP DesignJet 220, HP DesignJet 600, HP Deskjet, HP Deskjet 200, HP Deskjet 200cci, HP Deskjet 400, HP Deskjet 400l, HP Deskjet 420c, HP Deskjet 500, HP Deskjet 500c, HP Deskjet 510, HP Deskjet 520, HP Deskjet 540c, HP Deskjet 550c, HP Deskjet 560c, HP Deskjet Plus, HP Deskwriter, HP Deskwriter +, HP Deskwriter 500c, HP Deskwriter 520, HP Deskwriter 540, HP Deskwriter 540c, HP Deskwriter 550c, HP Deskwriter 560c, HP Deskwriter c, HP Officejet, HP Officejet 300, HP Officejet 310, HP Officejet 320, HP Officejet 330, HP Officejet 350, HP Officejet LX, HP Officejet LX350, HP Officejet Original

Color: Black

Number of pages: 520

Model: HP 51626A – 100% NEW

Additional information

Weight 40 kg


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