Sky-Cartridge Non-OEM-HP-CB435A/CB436A/CE278A/CE285A-B-2k



For: HP Printers

Compatible Printers: HP LaserJet P1005, HP LaserJet P1006, HP LJ P1500, HP LJ P1503, HP LJ P1504, HP LJ P1505, HP LJ P1506, HP LJ P1503n, HP LJ P1504n, HP LJ P1505n, HP LJ P1506n, HP LJ M1120, HP M1120n, HP M1120a, HP M1120h, HP M1120w, HP M1522n, HP M1522nf, HP M1522nt, HP P1009, HP P1100/P1102/P1102W, HP M1130, HP M1132, HP M1134, HP M1137, HP M1138, M1139, HP M1210, HP M1212nf, HP M1214nfh, HP M1217nfw, HP M1219nf, P1560, HP P1566, HP P1567, HP P1568, HP P1569, HP P1600, HP P1606, HP P1606dn, HP P1607dn, HP P1608dn, HP P1609dn, HP M1530, HP M1536dnf, HP M1537dnf, HP M1538dnf, HP M1539dnf

Color: Black

Number of pages: 2000

Model: CB435A, 35A, CB436A, 36A, CRG-712, CRG 712, 1870B002AA, 1870B002, Canon 312, Cartridge 312, CRG-312, CRG 312, CRG-713, CRG 713, 1871B002AA, 1871B005, CE278A, HP 78A, 78A, CRG 728, CRG-728, 3500B002AA, 3483B002AA, CRG 726, CRG-726, CRG 328, CRG-328, CRG 326. CRG-326, 85A, CE285A, 3484B002AA, 725, CRG725

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Weight 90 kg


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