Sky-Cartridge Non-OEM-BROTHER-TN8000-B-2.2k



For: Brother Printers

Compatible Printers: Brother HL-700, Brother HL-720, Brother HL-730, Brother HL-730DX, Brother HL-730Plus, Brother HL-760, Brother HL-760plus, Brother HL-820, Brother HL-1040, Brother HL-1050, Brother HL-1060, Brother HL-1070, Brother MFC-P2000, Brother MFC-4300, Brother MFC-4350, Brother MFC-4450, Brother MFC-4550, Brother MFC-4550ML, Brother MFC-4550Plus, Brother MFC-4600, Brother MFC-4650, Brother MFC-4660, Brother MFC-4800, Brother MFC-6550, Brother MFC-6550MC, Brother MFC-6800, Brother MFC-7550, Brother MFC-7550MC, Brother MFC-7650, Brother MFC-7650MC, Brother MFC-7657MC, Brother MFC-7750, Brother MFC-7750MC, Brother MFC-8070P, Brother MFC-9030, Brother MFC-9050, Brother MFC-9060, Brother MFC-9070, Brother MFC-9160, Brother MFC-9180, Brother MFC-9500, Brother MFC-9550, Brother FAX 2850, Brother FAX 8000P, Brother FAX 8050P, Brother FAX 8060P, Brother FAX 8070P, Brother FAX 8200P, Brother FAX 8250P, Brother FAX 8650P, Brother FAX PPF2900, Brother FAX 3800, Brother FAX DCP1000, Brother OmniFax L620, Brother OmniFax 620e, Brother OmniFax L621, Brother INTELLI FAX 2550ML, Brother INTELLI FAX 2600, Brother INTELLI FAX 2750, Brother INTELLI FAX 2800, Brother INTELLI FAX 2900, Brother INTELLI FAX 3550, Brother INTELLI FAX 3650, Brother INTELLI FAX 3750, Brother INTELLI FAX 3800

Color: Black

Number of pages: 2200

Model: TN8000

Additional information

Weight 95 kg


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