Mechanical pencil 7B Shorty Worther


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The Worther Shorty mechanical pencil has earned its status as a classic, thanks to its impressive qualities! Shorty is ideal for drawing, design, sketching, marking or writing.

A professional tool by definition, Worther Shorty can write on almost any material, including wood, metal, plastic, cement and paper, thanks to the soft graphite mine.
Moreover, there is no need for sharpening, the tip of the lead keeps a conical profile only by use! And for a special presentation, Worther Shorty comes in a special package, with spare parts.
Mechanical pencil with smart design, perfect for use in the artistic, professional and industrial fields
7B 3.15mm graphite lead of the highest quality
Includes 2 spare graphite leads
Tip with conical profile that does not require sharpening
High hardness plastic body, extremely resistant

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