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UHU School Adhesive is a solvent-free, fast-setting adhesive in a practical, easy-to-use (flexible), transparent packaging after drying. Glues paper, cardboard, leather (not suitable for clothing), textile, felt, sand, shells, silk flowers, wood, cork, between them, but also in combination with plastics, metal, stone and polystyrene. Glue most materials as long as one of the contact surfaces is absorbent. Not suitable for PE, PP. The adhesive is applied on one of the surfaces. The open phase lasts between 3 and 10 minutes, depending on the amount of adhesive applied and the absorption power of the material to be glued. Bring the parts into contact before the adhesive dries. Appearance: milky white Chemical basis: vinyl acetate / ethylene copolymerViscosity: approx. 70 – 115 m Pa.s.Solvent: waterSolid content: approx. 55% Density: approx. 1.04 + – 0.01 g / cm³ pH value: approx. 3.5 – 5Weight: 90 gPackaging: 12 pcs / box

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