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The Load & Go 2 in 1 aircraft from the Hide & Squeak® range lets your imagination run wild! Book your seat and discover endless ways to play. With a rotating propeller and ground wheels, this powered aircraft with the hand it has three components.The detachable center section means you can shorten or lengthen the plane so that you can fly with two or three egg-friends on board.Each is a mythical bird that just came out of the egg, for example a parrot , a turkey or a duckling. Click on their tiny heads to hear them chirp! After six months, the little ones will explore all the options for sorting shapes, with square and hexagonal pieces, for luggage, which go into the sides of the main body. ou has an assorted cover for added fun with color matching and shape sorting You can unlock other fun methods by sorting shapes with the original Hide & Squeak® Egg set (sold separately): find the right shape bases (star, cross, square, etc.) to fit in the passenger seats of the airplane .; As they develop fine motor skills, children will be able to disassemble and reassemble the aircraft. With fun and friendly characters and vivid colors, both parents and children can imagine all kinds of egg adventures, by creating stories and role-playing games. You can unlock other fun ways by sorting shapes with the original Hide & Squeak® Egg Set, which has different shaped bases that fit in the passenger seats on the plane. In addition, the universal hook under the tailgate is designed for tying to other vehicles in the range (sold separately). No batteries required. Recommended age: over 12-36 months .;

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