Metal dryer 5 lines 1,6 M

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Metal dryer 5 lines 1,6 M Designed for installation on the ceiling of a terrace or bathroom The dryer bars are made of reinforced metal tubes, which guarantees a safety and load capacity of 3 kg per bar. The dryer is mounted on the ceiling using a set of supports with 2 or 3 rollers. Each bracket is fixed to the ceiling with two dowels and screws. With the help of a rope, which runs on rollers, the height of each bar is adjusted separately. It is made of materials resistant to moisture and sun. The tumble dryer offers you the following options: – dry clothes only in one corner of the terrace – the laundry is close to the ceiling and thus does not interfere with free movement on the terrace – the possibility to avoid lamps, cables and others located on the ceiling – for stretching the laundry, each bar can be lowered independently to a comfortable level for stretching – the thickness of the bar allows the use of hooks even on the densest fabrics

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Weight 2,2 kg
Dimensions 160 × 9,5 × 6,5 cm


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