Inkjet Cartridge-LEXMARK-L35-CMY-22ml-REM


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For: Lexmark Printers

Compatible Printers: Lexmark F4350, Lexmark Home Copier Plus, Lexmark P315, Lexmark P4300, Lexmark P4330, Lexmark P4350, Lexmark P450, Lexmark P6200, Lexmark P6250, Lexmark P6350, Lexmark P910, Lexmark P915, Lexmark X2500, Lexmark X2510, Lexmark X2530, Lexmark X2550, Lexmark X3310, Lexmark X3330, Lexmark X3350, Lexmark X3530, Lexmark X3550, Lexmark X4300, Lexmark X4530, Lexmark X4550

Color: Cyan, Magenta , Yellow

Model: Lexmark 18L0035(#35)

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