Inkjet Cartridge-LEXMARK-L26A-CMY-11ml-REM


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For: Lexmark Printers

Compatible Printers: Lexmark Z13, Lexmark Z23, Lexmark Z23e, Lexmark Z25, Lexmark Z33, Lexmark Z34, Lexmark Z35, Lexmark Z515, Lexmark Z601, Lexmark Z605, Lexmark Z615, Lexmark X1130, Lexmark Lexmark X1150, Lexmark X2250, Lexmark i3, SAMSUNG MJC 530, SAMSUNG MJC 940I, SAMSUNG MJC 2200C, Compaq IJ650, Compaq IJ652, Lexmark X1100, Lexmark X1110, Lexmark X1130, Lexmark X1140, Lexmark X1150, Lexmark X1155, Lexmark X1160, Lexmark X1170, Lexmark X1180, Lexmark X1185, Lexmark X1190 All-in-One, Lexmark X1240, Lexmark X1250, Lexmark X1270, Lexmark X1290, Lexmark X2230, Lexmark X2240, Lexmark X2250, Lexmark X72, Lexmark X74, Lexmark X75

Color: Cyan, Magenta , Yellow

Number of pages: 240

Model: Lexmark 10N0026(#26)

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