Inkjet Cartridge-CANON-BC02-B-25ml-REM



For: Canon Printers

Compatible Printers: Apple Colour Stylewriter 1200, Apple Colour Stylewriter 1500, Apple Stylewriter, Apple Stylewriter Portable, Brother HJ-100, Brother HJ-100-I, Brother HJ-400, Brother Privileg 200-I, Brother Privileg 2000-I, Brother WP-7000, Brother WP-7000-J, Brother WP-7500-J, Brother WP-7800-J, Brother WP-II, Canon BJ-100, Canon BJ-100C, Canon BJ-10e, Canon BJ-10ex, Canon BJ-10SX, Canon BJ-10v, Canon BJ-15v, Canon BJ-20, Canon BJ-200, Canon BJ-200e, Canon BJ-200ex, Canon BJ-20ex, Canon BJ-210, Canon BJ-220, Canon BJ-220jc, Canon BJ-220jc II, Canon BJ-220js, Canon BJ-220js II, Canon BJ-230, Canon BJ-5, Canon BJC-100, Canon BJC-1000, Canon BJC-1010, Canon BJC-150, Canon BJC-20, Canon BJC-210, Canon BJC-210j, Canon BJC-220, Canon BJC-240 Photo, Canon BJC-240j, Canon BJC-240l, Canon BJC-250, Canon BJC-250j, Canon BJC-251, Canon BJC-255, Canon BJC-255SP, Canon BX-200, Canon Fax B170, Canon Fax B190, Canon Fax B200, Canon Fax B200e, Canon Fax B200f, Canon Fax B200s, Canon Fax B220, Canon Fax B230, Canon Fax B320, Canon Fax B340, Canon Fax B340f, Canon Fax B360, Canon Fax B360if, Canon Fax B405, Canon Fax B540, Canon Fax B550, Canon Fax B60, Canon Fax B70, Canon Fax B75, Canon HD40, Canon MultiPass 10, Canon MultiPass 800, Canon MultiPass C10, Canon PRO 2000, Canon PRO 5000, Canon PRO 7000, Canon StarWriter 400, Canon StarWriter 60, Canon StarWriter 60wp, Canon StarWriter 70, Canon StarWriter 70wp, Canon StarWriter 80, Canon StarWriter 80 Deluxe, Canon StarWriter 80wp, Canon StarWriter 80wp Deluxe, Canon StarWriter 85, Canon StarWriter 85wp, Canon StarWriter 95, Canon StarWriter 95wp, Canon VP500

Color: Black

Model: Canon 0881A002 (BC-02)

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Weight 25 kg


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