Grandma’s lustful roulette


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Remember how you had fun with your greedy grandma, trying to take her cookies without waking her up? Well, Grandma is back and she doesn’t seem willing to give up. In the game “A ride with the happy grandmother” her beaded and lustful eyes will rotate as the roulette wheel spins. Watch them rotate … what will they look like when they stop? After stopping, the race begins. Find the eyes that appear on Grandma’s face. The first to discover the right card wins the number of cookies that appear on the dial. The game continues until the cards are finished or until the cookies are finished! Win the player with the largest collection of cookies! The game is intense, frantic and very fun! When it’s time for grandma to go to bed, the set folds slightly, with its own storage compartment for all the toy cards and cookies. Suitable for 2-4 players over 5 years old. No batteries required.

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