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GPRS / IP MONITORING RECEIVER Paradox IPR512, monitoring 1024 accounts, using GPRS (PCS250) and IP (IP150) communication modules; 32 partitions per account, reported by each module; 256-bit AES or 128-bit data encryption (MD5 and RC4); up to 32 security profiles can be created, each representing the timing of supervision; all reports are transmitted from the IP or GPRS modules directly to the receiver, without the need for intermediate servers or other networks; built-in SD card back-up slot at predefined intervals; automatic time and date synchronization via NTP; 48cm standard 1U rack-and-pinion housing for installing multiple receivers in a rack; 110 / 220Vac standard power supply; low power consumption, less than 10W; accessing the web page through the LAN port for administration (viewing / editing / deleting accounts; editing security profiles; viewing receiver faults and programming reporting codes related to receiver-specific events); 2 Ethernet ports (WAN1 and WAN2) for redundancy (2 different ISP providers); 2 serial ports: COM1 for connection to the monitoring program and COM2 for connection to the printer / PC

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