Fountain pen calligraphy set Blister + 2 cartridges


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Schneider set for calligraphy with two special Schneider pens. Special, because they are intended for those who know how to write, but not anyway, but write beautifully, calligraphically, and want to make art out of their writing. The body of the pen is easy to facilitate effortless handling in performing calligraphic writing. Its shape, different from an ordinary pen, is more like a heel. Most calligraphy pens have this shape. A romantic letter, a special invitation or a greeting card can all have an artistic look! Important is the talent and the right writing tool. Special pen, cut at an inclined angle, without iridium on top. Available in two pen thickness variants: 1.1 mm and 1.5 mm (both in the same set) to achieve different thicknesses of writingWorks with standard ink patternLight body for effortless handling in calligraphic writingDetails: 2 pens + 2 cart

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