Dual detector with anti-masking technology


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Dual Paradox NV75MR detector with anti-masking technology and animal immunity; NV75MR – radio version with selectable frequency 433MHz or 868MHz; Battery life is up to 3 years for normal use, including active anti-masking detection; 2 dual elements with Mironel optics; 2 active IR elements, which allow anti-masking detection; Coverage up to 16m with 90 ° angle – EN50131-2-2 Grade 3; Mironel W-lenses with animal immunity and creep zone; Immunity to animals: animals under 50 cm will not be detected; Temperature: -35 to 50 degrees Celsius; Humidity: 95% without condensation; Dimensions: 128 x 62 x 54 mm; Weight: 120 grams

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