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Paradox NV780MR digital radio detector with anti-masking technology with side view and 4 dual sensors – ENVY series; the model incorporates 2 passive IR detectors, arranged at 180 °, with 2 detection elements each (total 8 narrow rays); coverage of up to 12m per side (total: 24m; efficient lens focusing point (1.77 “) for generating long and narrow rays; the 2 pairs of narrow rays on each side generate 2 distinct signals at the intersection of the protected area; the alarm is generates only if both rays have been intertwined; animal immunity: 40kg; installation height min 1.5m; adjustable detection radius both vertically and horizontally, to avoid the detection of unwanted bodies; Vertical adjustment – to extend / The radius, which is positioned at the bottom on each side, can be adjusted independently in 5 steps: 0 ° = 12m, 5 ° = 10.5m, 10 ° = 7.5m, 15 ° = 5.25m, 20 ° = 3m; horizontal (both beams) – to avoid detecting unwanted objects in the immediate vicinity of the detector (0 ° or 3 ° away from the wall), can be configured to report as a single zone or as separate zones, 433MHz or 868Mhz

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